Bashful Hips is an Avant Garde project from the mind of Ian Fellerman who has most recently called Chicago his home after a decade of moving around the country. Bringing his sometimes searing, sometimes hilarious but always poignant observations to bear over an entire stable of Noise Rock/Hip Hop informed Electronica, Ian's music is never stable, always changing and searching for the sound to express his feelings. 
Strange Daze Radio

Bashful Hips has previously released albums through Invisible Library Records, toured all over the country and has shared the stage with Yoni Wolf of WHY?, Serengeti, Spoken Nerd, Otem Rellik, Adam Selene, ECID, Eyenine, KidDead, BRZOWSKI, Drop Jaw, Headlight Rivals, Michael Jordan's Touchdown Pass, Counterfeit Money Machine and many more. Bashful Hips music has been played on the radio all over North America and Europe and featured in publications like YAB YUM, Vandala, Outside the Dial, Punk Globe, Ear to the Ground, Digital Racket, Indie Bands Blog and many more