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1. Sidney

Pretending I don't care,
Calling me from across the street,
Pretending I don't care,
As I nurse my coffee,
I'm pathetic,
I'm pretending, I'm not here,
A question of a phone call,
I say it doesn't matter

A stupid note,
Not sure if you want to respond,
I'm not sure if I want you to respond
A question of a phone call,
A stupid note,
A question of a phone call

Cigarettes and Listerine
My stomach hurts but my teeth are clean
reading the same books again and again
Not looking for hooks,
Haven't had a chorus in over two months
just ink on paper


2. Bashful Hips Part 1

And I’ve been coming to the sounds of the universe
Hoping my heart would not fill with water

And i want mouths on mouths
And lips on lips
The beautiful sound of the first time teeth clink

I want to get excited by the sound of your call
I want you to get excited by the sound of my finger tips caressing
your hips

I want this a secret that only we know
Not that I’m ashamed
I just don't want anyone else's point of view to get in our way


3. Black Hair, Black Dress

And I've been using a mood ring
To figure out how i feel
It always shows the same thing
Green and purple
Active yet romantic
I couldn't feel more opposite
Then what this ring has to say
And i dream't of a girl I did not know
With red lipstick smeared on her lips and cheeks

Black hair and a black dress
It was the way she got undressed that left me feeling a mess
Black hair and a black dress

And I’ll sail away
And leave my broken heart on the harbor
Let my body float away
Be a new man
My mind will change
I’ll leave those women i caused pain

Be so far away
On a continent that rejects my name
Be a postcard, a picture of Spain
A new way of living i wont be ashamed


4. In The Dirt

I hope that life after death is not like a high school reunion
But hey, maybe I'll get to kiss my old girlfriend again,
Will you slow dance with me when the dumb pop song is done?
Your head on my shoulder, a sigh of relief gets us closer
But we both know that fall dances must end

And if all we have is pots and pans
You know we'll be doing it in the dirt


A starry night, cigarettes they burn bright,
To keep the darkness off our side
A cold cheek, it fits perfectly inside of my chest
But then you have to ruin it, by looking up at me and saying
“You have an intimidating mind”
Well maybe you're dumb but I'm not blind


5. During The Movies

During the movies,
Your fingertips caressed,
My bleeding scarred wrist,
And when shoulders touch,
I don't feel so numb

And I exposed myself to a stranger

And I should of kissed you inside of my car,
But you felt so far,
So I watched you walk onto the bus,
From my review mirror