1. Product Placement

You should only fall in love with all of those American corporations
Watching cable drama tv shows alone
For the second time in a row
You grab my hand tight like you haven’t been held by a man right,
In a very long time
Sometimes my tongue gets swollen from the lack of verbal motivation


2. Minor Threat Hoodie

Chain smoking with a swollen tonsil in my Minor Threat hoodie from eighth grade,
I’ve been getting into the moments of present company
I kissed my best friend on New Year’s Eve,
It had nothing to do with sex
Heart through my hand,
My hand to my mind,
Take this lit cigarette; take it to your heart
Would she kiss me before the previews come on?
Could she get over my manic fits?
Could see me just as an artist?
Could she see my vulnerability as strong not as a weakness?
Could we still after all of this get along?
Do you want to share my coffee cup?
In the mornings our teeth are stuck together


3. Mutual Forgiveness

I’m trying to find the beauty in the details,
But the details can spell the larger picture so wrong,
I can forgive your politically incorrect social faults
If you can forget my dirty personal idiosyncrasies
I think then maybe we could get along
Everyone has an agenda,
That makes my head spin,
And it’s hard to listen when everyone’s tongue sounds like the slapping pound of leather,
And I’ll cover my oversized nose in a scarf
And I’ll cover my heart in sarcastic petty remarks


4. Statue with a Cell Phone

All you are is a statue with a cellphone,
And someday I’d like to scrape the gold leaf paint off your face
And someday I’d like to see you with your makeup off
So why don’t tell you me where does that leave me?
Why don’t you tell me where that leads?
I had a dream that you had erased your memory
And you weren’t the you I became to know
And you held me but your soul was made of rubber
And I awoke crying,
And you’re just a statue with a cell phone
Someday I’d like to see you with your makeup off


5. Keep it to Yourself

I was told you should never stare in people’s eyes
I was told you should never stare
To want touch a strangers face on the bus
Why don’t you just keep it to yourself?
Sometimes I’m shocked at what these people have to say
Sometimes I’m shocked by the words of my lips
Because I really mean it
Do you mean the words you say?


6. Teeth Clink

I’ll stop going out and you’ll take your internet dating profile down
And I’m excited to see how this whole thing works out
And I liked the way that our teeth clinked in the front seat
And I enjoy spending time with you
But it’s hard because I always have so much to do
I’m learning to sink into the feeling of you


7. Cracks in my Shoes

The cracks in my shoes I use a waterless glue
But everything seems to seep in through my feet
Can you feel it on your feet?
Let’s get into the present tense of everything
I’ll leave the past, let it just be a memory
And I apologize, 
I can only dance with myself or the very closest friend,
And I apologize,
I don’t mean to be so rude,
But sometimes it’s better if I just stay in my head
And I’m only interested in dancing with my closest friends


8. The Subtle Colors of Conversation That I'd Rather Not be Hearing

That’s what my horoscope just keeps repeating
And that’s probably not bad advice to be receiving,
Not that I believe it,
The subtle colors of conversations that I’d rather not be hearing
But I still hear it over electrical wires in the midnight walks I take in this city
Can you light a fire?
Well I lit a fire in the corner of this stupid town
Well can you keep it like a secret, like a fire that burns underground?
Did you know that I lit a fire?