volume v

1. Wings Off Birds

And I’ve been trying to kick start a new life
How far do you read? How far do I read into this story line?
I'm still learning how to sit still,
I’m anxious and I can’t control how I feel

Well fragments stir outside of the diner,
Shattered and scattered,
The pieces of birds,
You left in alleyways,
In the wake of the waves of the sounds your high heels make,
Shattered and scattered,
You ate the wings off birds


2. Abused by The Moon

Where’s your heart center? I never thought I saw it either
I thought I touched it, but it was just wrapped in plastic
Well kick some dirt over it, bury this rock in your chest
It’s warped like dry cleaned elastic

Have awful thoughts pop out at you,
Like fake clouds in late night cartoons,
Have you been abused by the moon? Well baby I have to
It’s cold and empty, dry and large, so sad I can barely stand it
Dreams of electric heaters beat your head against the bathroom mirror
Fall down train steps; fantasize about tricycle rides in Italy,
The late night drive back from Denver,
Have you been abused by the moon?
How have you been?

And I just can’t find a reason why?
It sits so heavy like the weight of a tire
That escaped a car crash
That crushes the nearest passerby stranger
Like a led gown on my chest good rest is out of reach
It has been for weeks, no wait months the last twenty two years
A diet of cigarettes, caffeine and cough drops
Cold sandwiches, late night rage fights with no one there but myself


3. Bashful Hips Part III

We tear each other apart
With our nicotine stained teeth
But they were only love marks
My lips on your fake spray-on tan shoulder
Your beautiful fists breaking my empty eye sockets

You think it would be fun if we made love, falling down a flight of metal stairs?
You think it would be fun if we made love in a bed filled with razors and soft sheets
I can smell your stiches

Well I’m bruised and broken,
There are some things that are just supposed to go unspoken
Well there are certain position’s we can’t help but fall in
The way you came out was like watching the northern lights through ice
You were cold and green and unattainable


4. Unstable

Limbs and tendons tore,
It’s so ironic you could cough it up
When you realize you realized the idea of living life for the opportunity of opportunity

You’re more secure when you know your heart was built unstable

I’ll go unrecognized like art that hangs in the dark
Sit in your trunk, you flip the light on turn it off
You’re stuck in such a sober way
Eat yourself to death
I can smell your stiches inside of your dirty apartment
They reek like the disease of the broken hearted

Maybe sometimes they see it,
Maybe it’s only through weighted drunken eyelids
Maybe that’s why the next day they can forget it
The unknown, it’s just damn exciting
I have to keep prying at it


5. A Song For Lucy Collins

I should of married you right out of high school
We’d have a loft apartment by now
Somewhere uptown In Montréal
I’d listen to you play your acoustic guitar in the mornings
We’d drink coffee, I’d read the stories
I’d listen to the vibrations of your guitar strings
I’d listen to the vibrations of your vocal cords sing

It’s just the way you soft talk

And I wonder what your life’s like
I imagine it’s exciting; you go on dates and university work
You have a place of being
I bet you have it all

I’d rather have a broken arm
Then ever have to share these songs with people I know
I’d rather share my art with strangers
Because they’ll never ever know
The embarrassment that I sing about
Hide myself from neighbors, turn my cell phone off.


6. I Spelled Your Name Wrong

I want to write you a love song
And spell your name all wrong
Because the women in these clubs
They're so average when they talk
I can hardly stand it

Well, the give and take
The idea to just walk away,
Is that giving in to my defeat?

I want to write you a love song and spell your name all wrong
And I have to wear winter ware in the summer,
From the bruises you’ve leave on me

And it’s well known I’m leaving here soon
So I’ve been trying to wish everyone the best of luck
But it’s hard when you have such hard feelings