volume vii

1. Bashful Hips Part IV

It’s not proximity or lonely numbers,
That brought us here together
And it’s not your need to upgrade
Or your adventure to find comfort
Because you have your own art to pull apart

And it’s not proximity or lonely numbers,
That brought us here together

The excitement, it’s tangible in a kiss
Like the tight jeans on your skinny hips,
Words caught and hung between lips

We’ll find a bucket and fill it with your dreams,
Let’s kick it over, and dream new dreams,
That we never thought we could conceive, 
Created in a picture, a photographic letter,
A positive thought that’s not a liner
To the loner of all the negative minus numbers
But a pure meaning that reaches past dawn


2. Geometry

I bought myself a bright bouquet, 
I put it on the window sill
Lipstick marks on the pillow case stark
Reminds me someone else has been here
Wake up early, learn to wake up early
The sun has already melted the snow from my window shield

The mathematical equation is always changing, 
Let’s move our bodies beyond simple geometry

My heart still beating hard,
Changing rearranging old feelings
Getting better with every breath inside of me
Sure, something didn’t work out quite so well
I grow longer in my mind,
I take the time to strengthen my spine
Make romance out of these 21st century complex times
I’m into intermingling these lines


3. Geography

A group friends they have dinner parties
Romantic talks late into the early parts of the mornings
Clean sheets, blankets and good movies
Art that’s way over our heads
Intellectual conversations that never seem to end
Giving us a new feeling, feeling better inside our heads
A touch that is deep, 
The poems you read that sweep us off our feet

Do you know your geography?

It’s the day I was born tomorrow,
I've forgotten the past, and have moved way past it
So much I don’t even have to say it
I live in the future that is the present
I’m alive and that’s my birthday present
I’m alive, today I’m alive, I’m just alive,
Today I’m more alive, everyday I’m alive

I want to stay one more day


4. New City

And I have been for some time, and I’ve been doing allright
And I’m ready to be better then just enough
And I make peace with mistakes I make
And I make peace with whatever old headaches that I seem to create
And I apologize for the ruins I’ve made

And I have been for some time, and I’ve been doing allright
Looking for that perfect city to move in
And we’ve all been looking for that perfect city to move in

Where the night lampposts are the flowers of the streets
And every person that you meet
Shakes your hand and has a story to greet
And I ask “Do you want to make a story with me?”

Well this city it has mountains,
It has oceans too,
It has a sky that’s a perfect shade of blue


5. Photography

She’s a real artist her emotions true and honest
It’s always been written all over her face
And there’s always so many projects to get too
Film the sun on your face,
Hanging poems, don’t leave a name
Hoping that in some way, you can effect some strangers day,
Bring a smile

We get undressed and show the bones that poke through our skin

When there’s no one around I light a candle
I create space, to let the world change the colors of my face
And I realize that’s o.k. that it takes time to shed these layers of gray
Underneath each coat it shows a difference in real emotional paint

She said let’s stop looking for the words to say 


6. I Say "O.K."

And I’m taking what I know is mine
And I feel pretty damn good about it
And I taste the touch of every nutrient that lays down on my tongue
And I make my life rhyme, not fragmenting this period of time
And I let my blood flow in poems

You ask me, And I say “O.K.”
Because honestly, I don’t have many thoughts about it

Love, success and happiness, 
Health, wealth, and the feeling of being fulfilled
The everyday adventure,
Were both into the silence,
Well here we go into the silence

But love the sound of buzzing heaters,
In the dead of winter,
The hum fans at night during the summer
And I put my hands on your waist
And you put your palm on my face


7. Airport Escalator

And we're moving faster than strangers on an airport escalator
That's well and good,
So let’s take the day off, you know what let’s take the whole damn week off

I like the way mascara slides down your face in the wet rain

And you seem to have that constant flicker,
I could see it from miles away

I think it’s awesome that you’d rather not go out at night,
You’d rather get that sleep in and take your pictures during the day
She’s studying to be a photographer; she’s always studying my face


8. Perfect


And it’s all so perfect, and it all moves so perfectly

And it’s validated by all the time I spent twisting in, 
Breaking in, proclaiming it to be reality
And now my days are filled with the opportunity
That I built from other opportunity

And I could get used to this
Success at work, a bank account with a little bit of money
A group of friends who care,
The beautiful sound of a synthesized snare
The dream situation, dressed for every occasion
Old memories that are just old memories