Featuring Dark Matter Jesus

1. Kim Kardashian

Like trying to read the future in tea leaves
Or admiring the beauty in the trees
Or ignoring the fact that your new apartment may have fleas
And you’ve been trying to see rats and trash differently
“Well how’s that going?”
You readjust words and well known terms
You look for truth in dirt and overturned moss
You’ve been doing it for so long
But you have a greater understanding of what it takes to move rocks
And you actually believe it


2. Jerry Springer

I fell asleep in the middle of the week
And I had a dream
That the only woman who ever knew me
Wants to see me dead, she wants see me dead
I’ve learned to keep my eyes to the ground
And I’ve learned not to compare,
Compare or contrast the past from the present
Oh forget it, you wouldn’t understand
Sleeping beauty she sleeps straight through the beauty
And I dream so ugly, Well at least I dream
Moment to moment we tend to forget what just happened,
So be constantly connecting the strings of theories
And paying attention to the way old plays end
Well do you still dream?
Well I still dream,
Even if it’s only of the ancient ruins of Greeks
Or those dead philosophy’s


3. Hulk Hogan

In case we forget what are next step is
We’ll send a letter,
So next time we can abide but what we wrote
And I’ve written letters that I never sent
And I’ve written letters that were never read
I’ve written letters but I never said
And I’ve written records that were supposed to be the end
I’m trying too and you’re trying too
Not just be passive,
But you’re just like me
Were just like spit in the sea
Keep the taste of the past at the bottom
Can you taste the past of the bottom?
Can we keep the taste of the past at the bottom?
Can the past just go unsaid?


4. Omarosa

Did you know that heart has a lot of room?
How did you stand so tall in front those dark clouds that could of merked us all?
We sit like the studious scientists behind panes of glass
So we don’t obscure the beauty of the moment
As I sat shaking in the driver seat of the car parked
And told you what I’d been hiding
What I’ve been hiding so far
The image of the man projected onto me
The projected images of the men were supposed to be


5. Honey Boo Boo

Get lost inside your head
Pull yourself out of bed
Take a shower, shave your head
Finish a book, read and repeat the last chapter over and over again
When you were a little girl, you sang songs to frogs
Can you feel the texture of a boulder?
Bump shoulders till elbows fit
Smile at people even if you’re unhappy
Go home and have a manic fit
Get lost inside your head
Pull yourself out of bed
Take a shower, shave your head


6. Tyra Banks

The smell chlorine reminds you of your high school gym,
The smell of chlorine reminds me of hospitals and unclean garbage bins
You’ve been splicing a film in your basement apartment
And you’ve been editing out all the parts that you wish you’d forgotten
Why does it always have to be so close to this?
Living under cardboard and huffing paint chips
Or credit card debt, garnished paychecks
Always walking such a tight rope
I thought for a long, long time
On the late night drive back from work,
Wishing the sky would just come back
Would the sky just come back?


7. Karl Malone

The back and forth when you’re feeling
Another shoe should drop, not giving
Into the idea that that has to happen
Feeling alright with messy
You light a cigarette and you burn a hole in your favorite sweater
And you decide not to trash it,
I guess that’s living life authentic
Where is your head space?
What’s this space in your head?
Emotions you have make you feel so trapped
When you’re trapped in space
When you’re out there, out there in space
Take the time to remind yourself
To remind yourself
Of the moments that could take you back to yourself
Do you plan on ever coming back?
Do you plan while you’re out there?


8. Donald Trump

Hey Vampire, with the loosest gums
Thumbs glued to TV remotes,
Beds covered in flannel,
Television is always on the same damn channel
For the nicest pear slicing knife
Some of your best friends are just infomercials that play all the time
I’ll sell you paper products that have already been used,
And I’ll sell you products that make me more like you
Hey Vampire, your first world problems make me feel uneasy
Hey Vampire, does the blood from your fist always taste like this?
Hey Vampire, can you get used to this?
Hey Vampire, can you use any of my paper products today?


9. Real World vs. Road Rules

When you feel like your brain is trying to,
Trying get yourself killed,
Then I think it’s time,
Time we could be using to upset the setting
Inhale, exhale
Door opens, door closes
Inhale, exhale
To find the answers that I’m needing
I’ll have to refine the questions
That I keep repeating
You’re like a guard on a fairy tale bridge
Every reply is in some kind of mystic language
I want to tangle myself in your braids, 
Till there is no meaning