1. Rearview Mirror

It’s been a year since you instilled fear,
In the rearview mirror of broken hearts and cliché English essays
Like wet sand breaking in your hand
As an actor, I give a show like all the rest
As an actress, who is this audience you’re trying to best?
Sometimes I wonder if you’re making dinner for your new lover
Or are you crying yourself to bed?
I doubt it’s the latter
Move on like this whole thing never mattered
Because it doesn’t
You can cover yourself in many men’s saliva
But it won’t make you feel any better


2. An Old Man

Like a parallel universe,
Or an episode of the twilight zone,
It’s like this life wasn’t mine
Even as time moves and things are fine
It’s like I was given a different script, 
Half way through a movie that was going fine
An old man told me to just call it out
But I didn’t hear a thing
Like getting angry at the moon could do anyone any good,
Reflections of the past unknown,
As we know feelings repressed, 
Can make actions go in in some strange directions
But it only seems erratic because you’ve never felt the weight of the underground
Or seen the waves of sounds or the way dancers push each other around
I put my faith in nothing and I’m seeing a return
And it makes this court house seem funny,
Even more, it makes it seem intellectually, just so damn lazy


3. Paper Plates

I’ve been fighting with co-workers
And getting under the skin of my landlord
Always the illegal tenant
Exercise socks put on after I’ve already taken a shower
Waiting on checks that have already been spent
Dirt on paper plates,
Well I wipe the dirt off these paper plates
I’ve got a poem on the radio
But I have no equipment for the live show
It’s been a year, Yeah it’s been a year
And I see you around,
I wish I didn’t have to see you
At the grocery store,
I ask the counter lady to move a little faster,
I ask the checkout lady; just let me out of here


4. Single Bed

My arms around you on this single bed,
My face inhaling your erotic breath
The radios on but the singer’s lyrics are so vain
It’s sad that I know why he sings this way
I’m going to pick apart every pore in your soul,
And I’m going to know every scar
I turn the headlights off so I don’t see the road that’s in front of me,
With you in the passenger seat
Will you be bored of me by then?
Will we sit so silent and try to stay out of each other’s way?


5. Humans

I won’t coast in that godforsaken doomed boat that’s destined to blow over
The only thing that’s left is a flag, a sail it’s the only thing that floats,
A symbol that I’m still together,
When everything else drowned under the water
I want to believe humans are more interesting than they really are
And I want to believe in you
I’m going to find every reason behind your choice,
And every choice that led to your reason
Even if it brought you nowhere
I won’t do it though with a sledge hammer,
But with soft hands,
Like a scientist with a microscope
The sweet sound of wind passing through these trees
Is the same comforting sound of cars that are highway bound


6. End of the Year

I’ve ended old years inside gas stations with frozen fingers
So damn sober,
Avoiding all those drunk drivers,
Who are planning on driving into the void
With my old car driven into this sink hole
Well I try to cover my eyes to the blinding sight of fireworks
And I’d like to see this god damn fire work
In April when my eyes are in need of thawing from,
This cold dead winter,
She asked me “what are you into?”
I'm into surviving
She said “then why are all your prose about dying”


7. Voiced Vowels Part II

A hot shower in a snow storm,
My shirt off,
Well these flakes melt on my skin
Do you feel angst on Friday night?
You claim it’s just another dark evening
And the only ray of hope, comes way to late in the early morning
And I write a poem,
And no one lives in this home
And I recite it to an empty mirror
So let’s say we get there and we want more
More answers and a little more silence
But voiced vowels are the only reason that you're here
It took a lot of words, words I used as bandages
To cover up the scars from where you stuck the knife in
With my headphones on,
And my dress shoes tied,
Ironed pants and a suit,
I stood here


8. Puzzle Pieces

When you don’t live close to your family
You pretend that distant acquaintances are actually real friends
And there will be no collapsing in one another’s arms
Or heart to heart talks,
We both change, we both grew apart
I have started and I have ended notebooks in many different ways
Hoping puzzle pieces would find their own way
And I want to tell you every stupid idea that comes into my mind
But I don’t want to interrupt you in the middle of the night
And you seem to be all right with my oh so serve face
But I avoid your eyes so they don’t look into mind
But I could be the fetish that you keep hidden