1. Time

It’s been some time now,
Time to recreate and step up to the plate
Reach my hand in the universe
Get wet from this dripping galaxy
Take my winter coat off
And strip down
A moth is not attracted to light,
It’s confused distracted thinking that it’s the sun
And I want to breathe in what’s inside of me
Millions of years of re-written history
And I want to lose grip with what society has deemed reality for me
I want to hold it all together
Can we hold it all together with expired Elmer’s glue?


2. In the A.M.

If you want to see some real self-loathing
Then let’s take off all our clothing
And we can match scars
What’s the sound that you hear?
At 2a.m. when nothings clear
You want to feel certainty in your hand,
You feel nothing if certainty expands in your chest
You feel nothing if wind blows through your empty hand


3. Everyday Normal Lies

What the fuck am I doing here?
My motivation is crystal clear
And I don’t know what this all means
I’m guessing it might not mean anything
And that might be the meaning of everything
I call you, I call myself, I call you a liar
For waking up and going through every morning
And lately I’ve been inside of a fog
Trying this business suit and trying this tie on
And lately I’ve been in a fog
Thinking that there’d be some kind of certainty in a future


4. Unromantic

Do you want to?
You say why not let’s give it a shot
Romanticize the unromantic with me
See fantasy as ugly,
And real ugly as true,
And true as beautiful,
As beautiful as a crooked tooth
Touch bodies like river clay
As I feel your shape, do you feel my shape?
I couldn’t say the truth while I was awake
So I told you while I slept in a foreign hotel bed
A bed, a bird’s nest of memories, twigs of previous times
Branches that represent fragmented minds,
Two people ready to explore the others life
This is where we rested for the weekend


5. Problems

When everything’s all right
The soft stance of time between problems
To examine that thought for exactly the right amount of time
To hold onto that piece of mind
To go to bed before the clock strikes midnight
Can I exploit my moment of weakness?
Can you speak on broken knees?
To awake in the morning with your guts feeling fine
To walk late at night in nature or artificial light
Unchanged by the examination of street people or street lights
Or the exotic eyes of creatures obscured by the lack of electrical wires
Were only creating sparks of inadmissible conjecture


6. Clean

The cats above me fight like they live in the U.F.C.
And I wished you would of married that architect
Green lawn and a white dress
Pretty clean is the scene that I’m living
Pretty clean is the scene that’s completely unforgiving
There’s been a lot of missteps
I wish I could I find more time to sleep
I wish I didn’t have to take the time to eat
And now this black haired girl comes to my work and brings me almonds and tea


7. Boring

A dry listerine mouth,
The unsettling notion that the future may just be boring
The idea of safe, relaxing yet so dirty
The borderline of keeping life exciting
The way I feel each new idea is the one,
An answer only temporary
And we neglect the sight of cost
And who knew that just a table cloth
Could make the moon taste soft?
That simple touch could make way for complicated thoughts to become untagled
From mud and rot


8. Telephone

Not many people pick up when I telephone
Not that they should
How could I explain a day when lives are lived thousands of miles away?
Could you move my mirror glass frame?
Maybe the soul just really is lights behind a touch screen
Maybe the sounds from the corners of mouths could resound over the speaker with the largest gavel pound
Could you make my lights light up the color of exploding suns?
Drop me in water and see my circuits shock the weather